8 responses to “I’m so Crafty I Make People Covergirl”

  1. Jess

    I was checking out at my local co-op a week ago and had to gush to the checkout girl (who looked at me like I had two heads) because Prego Rosie was smiling at me from the magazine rack! All the way in Fredneck…I’m so proud!!

  2. Anne

    Hey! I used your image on my blog “The Bored Mommy”! It’s not being used for profitable purposes, of course. But I did make the image clickable so it leads to your website. Hope it’s okay!

  3. Heather

    Hey, I changed my profile pic to this because it is so awesome! But don’t worry, I included a link to your page, and will be sharing this (and the cool merchandise) with all my preggo friends!

  4. Trisha W.

    I used this wonderful image for my profile photo. I provided your site as the source on my FB page. Please e-mail me if you’d like me to take it down. I am a mom to seven and this image is just perfect! Thank you.

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  6. Teri Ziegler

    Where can I order a poster of this “I’m so crafty I make people”?

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