China Knuckles

I have been teasing about my silly new idea for a few days now, and finally I can  share!

China Knuckles are for the girl who wants to be chic and eco-friendly while still be conscious of self defense.

Really, it is just silliness that I, for some reason, had to make happen. I pity the fool who messes with me in a dark alley. *SMASH* Only drawback is that I bet they can only be used once.

Available here

7 responses to “China Knuckles”

  1. ritsuka

    These are fantastic! I couldn’t find them in your Etsy shop; are they for sale anywhere?

  2. Adam

    Where can i purchase this and how much. My mom collects this blue/white china and i own a gun shop so i think this would be a awesome gift for her that is def me.

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  4. Sunday Awesome

    That is the coolest idea.

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