Why China Knuckles?

Why China Knuckles? Why the hell not.

China Knuckles were first created as a joke. I thought the irony of a weapon made of china would give people a laugh. Little did I know that my sense of humor would be shared by so many. The first batch sold so quickly, that I decided to get actual brass knuckles cast in porcelain, decorated with pretty floral motifs. Thanks to the work of The Maryland China Company, my little joke is now a reality.

I get one of two reactions to the China Knuckles. Either “OMG! That is awesome!” or “I don’t get it.” Let me assure you that there is really nothing to get. They are not some sort of political statement about feminism or violence against women, as some have inferred.  China Knuckles are just meant as an ironic art piece that also functions as conversation starting jewelry. They are obviously not mean for fighting. We have enough common sense to know this much, right? I hope. Of course, when worn, they do sort of act as a warning device, letting people know that the wearer perhaps shouldn’t be messed with.

I do want to make sure the China Knuckles do some good. I was recently really touched when a woman bought a pair for a friend who was fighting cancer, as a symbolic weapon of her fight. She wore them to chemotherapy. Because of them, I want every pair to help in the fight against cancer by donating 10% of all retail sales will go to The Cancer Research Institute.

The new cast China Knuckles are now available in their own shop and in my Etsy shop. (They also can be made into a bad ass necklace.)


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  1. barbara williams

    Hello there, I’m living in Australia and I have been searching the net for the last year for a solution to my problem. I have a plate which is now broken much to my sadness and horror. I cant put into words the sentimental value it had to me and still does in its shattered pieces. I keep it in a glass box which I got made for it. Everyday it sits there reminding me of the loss I feel. Anyway I have been searching and searching to make something out of some of the pieces and I would so love to make similar brooches to yours but I cant seem to find to gorgeous plastic backing you have. I have three girls and I would love the mto wear them. Would you be able to share with me where you purchase yours? I would be forever grateful and I know I would bring so much joy back to my children. Hoping you can help me. Best regards
    Barbara xxxx

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