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18 responses to “Contact”

  1. Suzie Henneman

    How does this work? I have a plate that I broke last Thanksgiving that I would like to have made into jewelry pieces for all of the “girls” in the family for Christmas. What’s the next step?

  2. Juliet

    Here is my custom order form with all of the info!

  3. Pauline McDonald

    Dear I Break Plates,

    Bonjour! I live in Southern France selling my sea glass, beach glass, ceramic pottery shards and porcelain shards on ETSY. I see that you have saved me as a “favorite” on ETSY? If you are interested you may contact me direct at my email address…I have many special beach finds from the Cote d’ Azur Mediterranean Beaches here; very unique and beautiful pieces.

    Please keep me in mind for future pieces you may want to make with my “french finds?”

    I think your work is impressive and very pretty!

    Pauline McDonald

  4. Danielle Dashiell

    Hello! I came across your store on Etsy and fell in love with so many of your pieces. It’s almost hard to choose which one I want to purchase first. I see your Shows page isn’t updated for 2011; will you be at any craft fairs/shows this season?

  5. Juliet

    Ah! Yes, Thanks for the reminder. Working on updates now!

  6. chelsea babb

    I manage a jewelry store in steamboat springs i am interested in some wholesale pricing of your stuff. I had a neighbor who found you and got some things for her wedding and found it different and unique. Please contact me with some pricing so i can see if it fits in to our store thanks:)

  7. Mary@BarnBugStudio

    Loved seeing your work at the Holiday Heap yesterday! Posted a pic and link on my blog. Hope your show was really successful.
    Is there a maximum thickness of pottery that can be used for your pendants? Had an incident with a Canton platter, a lab, and, a tennis ball a few years back. Saved the pieces thinking someday I’d know what to do with it.

  8. joanna | 365declutterchallenge

    Do you take donations? I don’t need any necklaces right now (but may be interested in some soon) but I have some broken dishes that I’m trying to recycle instead of trashing. Any ideas? Thanks!
    Joanna K.

  9. Shelby

    hey i was just wondering how you cut an shape the china

  10. badina

    Love to buy a piece, but I need a vertical design about 1/1/4 inch height. I hand paint simple lady figures on semiprecious stones, glass and ceramic. Need only the pendant. The print on the chard should be simpler, opposed to too much flowers, etc. A more modern style, etc. Depending on the price I could also send my own chards and an example of what I do, to guide you on the selection. Could you reply with a price for one and for more than one. I really love your pendants!!! Haven’t read yet where you are from, was so excited to ask you these questions…
    Thank you

  11. ed wetschler

    Juliet, did you get my email (or emails, because Yahoo somehow sent it twice) about the pendant? Please get back to me as soon as you can at or 646.753.0087.

    Here’s the message again, just in case it never got through:

    Juliet, I’m looking at this piece on your website:

    Can you please tell me if

    (1) you still have one like this for sale, and
    (2) would it be possible to get it to the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront (700 Aliceanna, I think) by Friday the 10th?

    Thank you!

  12. Donna Hadjipopov

    I’m interested in having jewelry made from my dishes.

  13. Juliet

    Hi Ed! I don’t think so. We lost power and email for 6 days following a storm. Can you resend?

  14. Juliet

    Hi! Please email me details at Be happy to!

  15. Linda

    Hi, was wondering if i could send you a plate and you make a necklace for me and also send the plate back to use to display the necklace?

  16. grace

    Hi Juliet:
    Just wanted to let you know that the new issue of Florida Bride Magazine is here with your featured article in it. You can view the digital version on our website or order some to pass around.

  17. Bonnie Toner

    My daughter ordered my Raven pendant from you recently (Jessica Toner Austin). I have had numerous compliments when I wear it. One of our customers asked me today where she could get them for Christmas gifts. Unfortunately, she does not have the internet. I saw on your website that there is an upcoming show called Crafty Bastards Oct. 29th. Where and what time is it? Maybe I could pass the info along to her since they live in Shrewsbury, PA and she may be able to get to it. Also, do the Raven pendants have to be special ordered? Our shop is located in Parkvile and if this customer wants them, I could possibly make arrangements with you. Thanks. Bonnie Toner.

  18. Juliet

    I will be vending in Baltimore here Will have lots of Ravens.

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