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  • Custom States and Letters

    I have been busily making new work after enduring an extra long (snow days) winter. I was really excited to get back to production and make things other than jewelry for a change. It started with my China Letter series where I cut each letter of the alphabet out of recycled china and photographed them on a different plate. The response was so awesome that I made a poster of them which can be found here. Next, I challenged myself to make a china cut out of the state of Maryland. Why must I live in the most complicated state (besides maybe Hawaii) to cut? I'm really happy with them. I'm hoping to eventually make every state, including Hawaii.

    I'm currently taking custom orders for letters and states. I am open to making any old thing you'd like made from china, just send me an email to juliet @

    I'm still plugging away at the jewelry too. There's just so many plates to be broken.