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  • As Seen on TV

    It's not a big secret that my love of 90's hip hop is strong. Nothing brings you back to Skateland like a little Jodeci, amiright? I'm also a fan of The Roots (who isn't?) so when I saw a segment on CBS Sunday Morning called The Roots of Questlove's success that mentioned his bow tie collection, I knew what I had to do. I needed to craft a broken plate bow tie and send it to him. I have a friend who works in wardrobe at the Tonight Show, and I told her the plan. She mentioned that he gets a ton of bow ties in the mail. She could make sure it got to him, but couldn't promise that he would wear it. In October I sent it. Then, on January 7th, it happened! He wore my tie! The Roots were in all black, spiffy from a luncheon for Keep on Keepin on. So, I like to think that Quincy Jones also enjoyed my tie.

    I get asked a lot how I get people to wear stuff on TV. And the truth is that I just send folks I admire something that I think they will like and hope that I catch it on TV. Can't hurt to try, right? It doesn't translate into money or anything, but it makes me incredibly happy when folks like things enough to sport them on air. Just bragging rights and a fun challenge, really. The first one I sent was Rachael Ray in 2008, you can read about that here.

    I may not get rich, but I get to say that Mario Batali wore my jibbitz whilst cooking with Ina Garten! And Mario Armstong chatted up Erica Hill about my cuff links on Today. And Jen Francioti wears her Raven necklace for good luck. And QUESTLOVE WORE MY TIE!

    So, go ahead artists, give it a go! Let's get more handmade stuff out there into the world. Who can I broken Plate bomb next?? Hmmm