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  • Casserole Time!

     I think that the retail storm of December is finally over for me, last day to ship for Christmas deliver is 12/20. I can't thank all of my customers enough for helping support a tiny little strange business like mine. Your trust in me to break your precious family heirlooms and make them into gifts is about the greatest thing ever. Thank you, thank you!

    Now that the season is over, I've been thinking a lot about how I can pay it forward, so I am planning on spending some time making casseroles for My Sister's Place. My Sister's Place is a Women’s Center provides 3 meals a day and access to services such as case management, education, and job training to women in Baltimore City. This awesome place feeds 80-100 people breakfast, lunch and dinner every single day. You can imagine that requires a ton of volunteer help.

    You can help to! All you need to do is make a casserole or two and freeze it to deliver to the center. I would be happy to deliver it for you also, just shoot me an email juliet (at) ibreakplates (dot) com. I am planning on making my first drop off on 12/22 or so.

    Wheb you are making a bad ass Pinterest recipe for your family, just go ahead and make 2 so you can put one away in the freezer. Never underestimate the power of a good casserole, y'all. 

    Thanks again for an awesome year!