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  • Broccoli and pea pesto hummus

    Look. When Triscuit (your favorite cracker maker in the world) and Martha Stewart (your favorite felon in the world) asks you for a recipe, you just write the damn thing. See, a week or so ago, I got an email from Martha Stewart. She wanted me (and, well, everyone on her mailing list) to create recipes with specific ingredients to pair with Triscuit crackers. Of course I had to do it. The first secret ingredient was mixed berries. PASS! Here's a fun fact about me, I hate cooked fruit. The thought of cherry pie makes me cringe. So, when I saw peas involved in the Trisuit Summer Snack off, I was all in. I posted the photo to Instagram, and Triscuit actually asked for the recipe, oo, here you go, Triscuit, this is for you.

    1 cup frozen peas (plus a few for garnish)

    1 cup frozen broccoli

    A couple stems of fresh basil

    2 cloves of garlic


    A generous dash of Parmesan cheese

    Olive oil (just a few tablespoons)

    1 can of chick peas

    Toss everything in a food processor until creamy, top crackers and add garnish. Easy peasy.

    I used the leftovers to make vegetarian wraps with spinach and tomatoes later in the day.

    If you're interested in the Triscuit Summer Snackoff contest, you can find more information here.