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  • Crafty Bastards and Martha!

    I have a busy few days ahead of me and I am blogging in an effort to appear busy while really putting off all of the stuff I have to do.

    First up, the 8th annual Crafty Bastards is tomorrow! Bastards is always an amazing show, but this year's festival will be bigger than ever, with 50 more craft vendors, the addition of the Crafty Farm, and the Young & Crafty section (and more food!) Hope to see you there.

    I take a day off on Sunday, then Monday I head to New York to The Martha Stewart Show! I was lucky to be picked to blog and tweet from the Tech Panel during the taping of the craft episode of the Martha Show. I am SO excited for my little New York adventure, especially because I plan on making a pit stop in Eataly. I will let you know when *my* episode airs!

    OK, enough procrastination. Must go break plates.