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  • Recycled China Butcher Charts

    Recycled China Butcher Charts

    Welcome to my fresh new site! Poke around, I hope you like it!

    I wanted to take the opportunity to show you some new work! I have been making jewelry for 9 years now, and my brain needed a little exercise. I was recently asked to participate in a show called Call + Response in which writers and artists are paired to make work in response to food by Blacksauce Kitchen. I haven't recieved my writer's piece yet, but I instantly got the idea to make butcher charts out of recycled china. This likely won't be my work for this show, but it was an idea that I had to get out. Now I really want to find a place to show it. I will be workng on an artist statement/ gallery propsal to get them up somewhere besides my house, I hope. I'm excited to explore more ideas like this. More of my animals can be seen on my site in the Recycled China Art section