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  • The Cookbook is coming!

    The Cookbook is coming!

    If you follow me on social media, you know that I am that annoying person who posts her food photos all the time. It hasn't just been to get likes and comments though. I have been documenting so I could write this book. I've been building this for the last 2 years and am really excited to share it with you. I did this for 2 reasons. First, I felt compelled to save our favorite recipes so that Nolan can use this book to cook for his future family. After all, he can't take them to sushi everyday like he wants. Second, I get a lot of comments asking for recipes and ideas, and I thought it would be fun to compile them in a book. So, it is your fault!

    Some of these dishes are my own creations, some are adaptations of recipes I've read and others are straight up plagiarized because the recipe was already perfected by a chef I trust. I've tried to credit everyone.

    This book is separated into 4 sections. Breakfast, Snacks and Appetizers, Soups and Dinner. Most of my desserts come from a box because, hey, you can't be good at everything. It features 48 recipes on 94 pages with lots of yummy photos and tips. The book is 7"x7"

    Full disclosure: I am not qualified to write a book. I am a home cook with a love of Food Network who has Pinterest at her disposal. But my dinner is usually really damn good. Ask Nolan.

    Books can be preordered here!