• Now available at Trohv in DC

    Trohv, the sister store of Red Tree in Hamden (now Trohv, also) is finally open in DC and carrying my jewelry!The store, located in Takoma Park, just opened today and is definitely worth a little road trip to find some amazing gifts and home goods.

  • Real Simple! The whole long story.

    Yesterday was  a good day. Got to stay home with my Nolan, clean every piece of laundry that was in the house, make cookies, and enjoy the first dusting of snow. If that wasn't enough, the mail man delivered my new slippers and a copy of Real Simple with a piece of my jewelry in it!

    Real Simple was a huge goal of mine. (That and Martha, but I don't think she is a fan since I sent her a piece of her broken Wedgewood China.) Anyway,  I was first contacted over the summer  to be a part of the holiday gift guide. I jumped, I squealed, I tried to act  cool.  I sent them a batch of pendants to chose from, they photographed one and tried to find a place for it. I guess that was a no go, because I was then told that it would be in the January issue. Again, jumping and squealing.

    As the time that I was supposed to get my magazine in the mail grew closer, I became more and more nervous. See, it happened to me once before that I huge magazine, that shall remain nameless (EVOO,) pulled me at the last minute. Then something awesome happened. I started getting a ton of orders from just 2 states. In my mind I was thinking that the magazines got to these places early. I asked one of  these customers how they heard of me and she said "I saw you in Real Simple!" AHHH! I was so excited. I went to twitter where a friend from New Mexico had received hers too. A cell phone photo later, I had proof! Goal Achieved!

    So, now you know why I was manically adding 500+ pieces to my Etsy shop. Next stop, Martha!


  • A few things. Let's catch up!

    Wow. I guess it is almost the holiday season, huh? (If you ask Ohmeaghan, it is in full swing) I have been working like it is. Been trying to make at least 50 pieces a week, which is pretty hard to keep up. Luckily, I have a lot of reasons to keep it up. I have 2 of my favorite local holiday shows coming up in December. Holiday Heap at 2640 Space is December 4th and Merry Mart at the Creative Alliance is December 5th.  I am also slated to be in a few magazine's holiday gift guides, including Parents Magazine and Faith and Family Magazine.

    My big awesome press news is coming in January (Mid December, really)but I need to wait to see it in person to make sure it is really real before I share with the world. But, trust me, when it happens, you all will know =) (Squeeeeee!)

    Also in broken plate news...

    Guess who is the face of manufacturing in Baltimore?

    A show I am participating in, curated by Garth Johnson of Extreme Craft, featuring work made from recycled materials, called Renewal Notice.

    Blog post on American Craft Magazine's blog, about Renewal Notice, featuring my work.

    In case you missed the FB antics, I met and gave a necklace to Kat Von D. Here is a photo.

    A goofy, swollen, exhausted photo of me  appears in a Crafty Bastards wrap up blog post.

    I think that is all for now. Keep checking in with my Etsy shop, I am up to 350+ pieces and adding more every day to be ready for the holidays. I am also still taking custom orders for the holiday season, so get them to me soon!

  • Happy Fall!

    Happy Fall! I have been knee deep in custom orders and making stock for Crafty Bastards. This year, I will be sharing a booth with the lovely and talented Dandelionblu. Can't wait! I made these simple little necklaces just for the show.

    I am looking forward to (Hopefully!) being in 3 national magazine's holiday gift guides this year! If the one I reallly want comes through, I will die of happiness. As soon as I know, I will be sure to tell you. The reason I am tooting my own horn here is that I would love to get your holiday custom orders done early in case these magazines are a big hit. If you were going to send me a plate to break for the holiday's and you get it to me by October 1st, I will gladly take 10% off of your whole order! You can see past orders and find the custom order form here. I will happily take plates after this date, but you will not receive this discount.

  • Updates and GreenCraft Tutorial

    It has been a while since I've blogged, mostly because I have been working with Tara Gentile on a fresh new look for the site (ok, Tara has been working in it and I have just been breaking plates, but...) The site has all the same features as the old site, it is just cleaned up a bit and not as blog-centric because, well, I am not a reliable blogger. Check out the sexy new custom gallery and press gallery, I will try to change those around regularly. I will also attempt to blog more regularly, but I'm not making any promises. Gosh, remember the olden days (pre-baby) when I blogged daily about interesting, non plate breaking stuff? Those were the days.

    The new issue of GreenCraft Magazine is now available in stores and online. This issue has a ton of fun tutorials including a broken plate pendant tutorial by me! If you ever wanted to know how to make a broken plate pendant, you can learn a few of my secrets here.

    I just wrapped up 3 days at my first wholesale show, The Buyers Market of American Craft with my girls from Baltimore Craft. It was 3 long days, but a really great experience. My work will be in 4 new shops across the country next month! I will update my stockist page as soon as they are delivered.

    Next show on the schedule  is Crafty Bastards in DC on October 2nd. Hope to see you there!

  • Artscape! Free Earrings or Discount with Foursquare check-in

    Well, ready or not, Artscape is coming up this weekend. Starting on Friday at noon, I will be camped out on North Charles St. across the street from the Man/Woman sculpture at Penn Station. Festivities go on until Sunday at 8pm.

    Artscape is America’s largest free arts festival featuring 150+artists, fashion designers and craftspeople, including DIY/new wave crafters; visual art exhibits on and off site, outdoor sculpture, art cars, photography incredible live concerts on four outdoor stages.

    New this year, if you check in at my booth on Foursquare, you will get either $5 off or a free pair of my new tiny plate acrylic earrings with your purchase! (earrings are available while supplies last, of course.)

  • Pile of Craft!

    Image from Sleepylittlemouse @ flickr
    Image from Sleepylittlemouse @ flickr

    Seriously, where does time go? I feel like I was JUST writing a similar post. This weekend, Saturday June 26th, is Pile of Craft at St. Johns Church! I LOVE doing these shows with the Charm city Craft Mafia because, not only is the show in my back yard, but I get to show will all of my friends of craft from Baltimore and some who come to town just to do this show. This year, I hear there will be a photo booth  for an added bit of fun! The only thing that could make this show better is if it ran monthly. Anyone? Ok, 2 times a year will do.

    Anyway, I hope to see some of you there! Should be a fun time!
  • Awesome week!

    It has been a great week here at The Broken Plate! I completed 4 fabulous custom wedding orders and received my advance copy of this summer's ReadyMade Magazine, featuring my coasters! To top it all off, I am proud to announce that my work is now available, in my favorite shop, Red Tree in Hamden!

    Now off to enjoy a show-free 3 day weekend. Please visit my friends at Handmade Mart this weekend! I am hoping to make it out there to ATTEND my first craft show, not as a vendor. ohhh, exciting.




  • ArtStar Philly!

    Well, last weekend's show was, well, interesting. 45mph winds blew and broke my tent and cash box, sending cash flying through the square in Fell's Point. I unfortunately, had to call it a day early. The good news is that I now have a spiffy new tent and cash box and lots of great stock for ArtStar Philly next weekend! Conveniently located 2 hours from Baltimore and New York, there is no good excuse to not visit. The vendor list looks aweome and the music is always great. Most importantly, the people watching is top notch. See you there!

  • Squidfire Artmart this Saturday!

    This Saturday (which happens to be the day before Mother's Day, dads) is theSquidfire Spring Artmart. Please note that the location is different this time around, we will be taking over the square in Fell's Point this year. I have lots of new goodies to show. If you have any plates to drop off for custom orders, please download this form and bring it with your plate. Hope to see you there!