Custom Recycled China Silhouette made from Your Photo

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Have a one of a kind custom silhouette made out of recycled china of your child or pet! The perfect gift for the parent who has everything. Each piece is cut from a recycled plate or stained glass collected from thrift stores and flea markets. You can also send in a sentimental plate of your own!

The piece is mounted on decorative paper and framed. We will work together to pick the perfect plate and paper for the job.

After you purchase the listing, please email me with the photo you'd like me to work with and ideas on color scheme. Feel free to send a few photos for me to pick from.

Choose between the acrylic white oval frame or the simple black frame. (This can be changed later, I can show you how it will look in each.) Please allow 2 weeks for custom orders. PHOTO TIPS • Place your child or pet, standing or sitting up straight, facing either left or right, against a light and neutral background. • Take the photo straight on at eye-level. • Have your child relax their face, lips closed and no smile. • If your child has long hair put it up in either a ponytail or a bun (optional.) • Take multiple photos if possible.