The Broken Plate Pendant Co. does AMAZING work! Every piece she makes is unique and beautiful or captivating in its own way. She took my Grandmother’s broken butter dish and turned it into 14 pieces made into delightful pendants and cufflinks for my Grandmother’s daughters, granddaughters, and great grandchildren. These were made as special Christmas gifts and they ARE as special and as individual as each recipient. We used a plate she had to make other pieces (cufflinks, tie clips) for the rest of the family. Most everyone will be getting Broken Plate Christmas gifts this year (and/or next). The Broken Plate Pendant Co. is AWESOME! If anyone can repurpose your broken heirloom into another lovely useful piece SHE CAN! -Nancy H.

I’m addicted. It’s true. What started out as a simple request to peruse her wares has turned into an obsession! It’s like eating caramel corn — just this one piece. Oh wait, that one, too. Oh, wait, and that one! Before you know it, you have a caramel corn belly ache! Not so with Juliet, though. Every piece is more charming and delicious than the next. My favorite piece is the one I had custom made for a wedding shower. When the bride-to-be was just a little girl, I took her to have her ears pierced and then took her to tea. It was a very special day. So, for her shower gift I had Juliet make earrings from the saucer of a beautiful teacup (and also a set for her sister and mother). I then placed them inside of the teacup, all wrapped beautifully in cellophane, to present to her. Her response was magical and her guests were mesmerized. It’s all because of Juliet that another wonderful memory was made.

I have purchased three pieces from Juliet – a ring and two pendants. The quality of the jewelry was/is outstanding and I have NEVER gotten so many compliments off of anything I have worn in my life. I haven’t come across any situations yet to do a custom order, but its always in the back of my mind! As soon as I break anything cool, it’s going straight to Juliet! -Jessica B

Juliet’s broken plate necklaces are beautiful! My first (and there will be more… oh yes, there will) is a piece of a map-design from a commemorative plate, but it looks abstract in the way she’s designed the pendant. I never fail to get questions and compliments on it whenever I wear it. While the randomly-shaped broken ceramics will always be my favorites, her innovative work (including the lace design collaboration with DandelionBlu, her ‘tattooed’ doll arm necklaces, and the “you com-plate me” BFF pairs) is fabulously creative, also. The recycled china pieces would be perfect for any collector of the dinnerware, and her homegoods (coasters, wine bottle stoppers) make perfect housewarming or hostess gifts at a holiday party. -Anita K.

Unique and beautiful! The Broken Plate Co. has an awesome eye for detail and design! I am so excited about the custom pieces she made for me and my family. So good you can’t buy just one! -Chandra

Juliet of The Broken Plate is super easy to work with and makes amazing pieces. My grandparents have a weekend cabin in the mountains, and I spent half my childhood there. When my grandmother broke one of the plates that has been there for 30 years, I sent Juliet the large-ish shards and she made beautiful work of them. Now my grandmother and I have coordinating necklaces that are full of memories. I receive compliments on mine whenever I leave the house in it. Yay for The Broken Plate! -Mellisa

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