The Broken Plate Pendant Co. is where boxed up, unloved, dishes from Grandma come alive and are given a renewed purpose.  I break each and every plate with love…and force…crafting them into a collection of inspired and versatile pieces. Did you break your Great Aunt Myrtle’s favorite serving plate? No bother! Send the shards my way and I can craft a bevy of wearable delights with which to adorn yourself and ol’ grumpy Myrtle. Don’t have a plate but still need something upcycled to give your favorite friend, who happens to be a whiz in the kitchen or a hostess extraordinaire? Check my Etsy shop for ready to wear styles.

Custom orders for wedding parties are also available. See past collections and download an order form here.

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Custom States and Letters

I have been busily making new work after enduring an extra long (snow days) winter. I was really excited to get back to production and make things other than jewelry for a change. It started with my China Letter series where I cut each letter of the alphabet out of recycled china and photographed them […]

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