Do you do custom work? Can I send you my own plate?

Of course! Plates can be shipped to

3000 Chestnut Ave, Suite 218, Baltimore MD 21211

Make sure your email address is included in the package. Once I receive it, I will be in touch with options. 

How many pieces can you get out of a plate?

Depends on the size and how much pattern is on the plate. The decorative rim of a dinner size plate can produce up to 20 pieces. A small saucer, 6-10.

Do you work with materials other than plates?

I have worked with glass, crystal, shells, coral and some hard plastics. Feel free to send an email with specifics. juliet@ibreakplates.com

Do you offer quantity discounts?

I do. It depends on what style you are getting. For a pendant with chain (my most popular item)

1-3 pendants – $38
4-10 pendants – $35
11+ pendants – $30

Once I send you my plate, what happens next?

After I get your plate, I will break it up and let you know your options. Once you decide which pieces you would like made, I will get to work. Once they are ready, I will send you a link from my website to checkout. 

How long does a custom order take?

Once I have the plate in hand, about 2 weeks (sometimes more during the Holidays.) I can rush if necessary.

What if I don’t have a plate? Do you have plates in stock?

Tons! If you are looking for a specific color scheme or theme for matching pieces for a wedding set, for example, just shoot me an email telling me what colors you like. Then I will pull some plates from my stock and photograph them for you to see. If we can’t find one in stock, you can always buy one online and have it shipped to me. If I have to buy a plate for your theme, the cost will be added to you price of your final order. These purchases are always approved by you first. 

Questions? Comments? Suggestions?


Wholesale – Email for info! Thanks! Juliet@ibreakplates.com