'tis the season!

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Well, this is the first holiday season in 13 years where I'm not participating in a craft show. I am equal parts relieved and terrified. I made this decision for a few reasons.

1. I'm not a good salesperson. My face doesn't lie. In fact, it probably looks bitchier than I even feel, and this gets worse every year. I am way nicer online :)

2. Schlepping my wares around town, in inclement weather is no fun. Weather is always a gamble, and I am just not a gambler. A few years ago, I did a show that was so wet and cold that I Googled "How many calories do you burn shivering?" I'm too old for that. 

3. I'm old news. I think it was time that a fresh face got my craft show spot (as long as they don't break plates!) Folks would come to my booth already wearing a broken plate pendant that they purchased years ago to show me. I need to focus on expanding my audience.

4. Most importantly, I want to focus on making custom work from your sentimental plates, rather than just breaking hundreds of random plates. Of course, I will continue to make work from cool plates to supply my shop, but my heart is in helping folks recover from sad plate breaks.

Here is where you come in. Please help share my services to your friends and family! Browse this new shop when you need unique gifts. Leaving *the site that rhymes with Betsy* was also a gamble, but I like this platform so much more. Like, comment and share on my socials. It all adds up and helps me to expand my audience without shivering through a busted craft show. Thanks for your continued support!

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